Posted on Jan 23 2017


NJC President, Pastor Karl A. Archer

                President of the North Jamaica Conference, Pastor Karl Archer, on Sunday January 22, 2017, strongly reiterated the great need for vigilance and care in dealing with children and in protecting them from all forms of abuse.

                Speaking at the Conference’s first of two Annual Conventions, Pastor Archer said, “The time has come for us as members and leaders to examine ourselves, our own hearts and lives to see our disposition towards children. We have a zero tolerance as it relates to the abuse of any one and worst, of our children”, the President declared to the packed congregation at Brown’s Town.

                “If one is alleged to be engaged in such activity, call the police first, do not call us at the Conference Office. When the matter has been reported to the Police, you can then let us know so that we can engage in either prayer ministries or prison ministries”.

                “When anyone is abused, it is sinful but when a child is abused, it is wicked and doubly wicked when done by a leader. This is so as children are vulnerable, cannot resist and are many times threatened to engage in activities and then to remain quiet. When a leader uses his office to do this, it leaves scars that span a lifetime and makes the victim the one hardly to be believed when viewed in light of the leader’s office, influence and position”.

                Children’s Ministries Director, Elder Paulette Ambursely openly supported the President’s call for vigilance and strict adherence to the law in this matter. “We must all do our part, everywhere, everyday, every time to not just protect them against abuse but also to nurture them in the best way of life”.

                The President’s call was made against the background of recent allegations relating to sexual conduct towards children on the national scene.