Posted on Sep 21 2016

Field Leader, Pastor Karl Archer

North Jamaica Conference President, Pastor Karl Archer has challenged leaders within the field to “place God’s money in God’s programme so as to advance God’s cause”. The mandate was given to leaders at the recently held Annual Constituency Meeting in Brown’s Town which showed a very positive trend in the conference's financial standing.

In his presentation to the leaders, the field President appealed to Elders “to stand by the Pastors in the call to Evangelism…Every year, every Church must do something for soul winning”, including large tent campaigns. “Two by two”, he maintained, “ was never given by God to stand on its own. All through history we have been having mass programmes and now is not the time to retreat”.

Complimenting his call towards evangelism, the President also spoke to family life, insisting to the over 200 leaders that “we cannot continue to think only of ourselves when it comes to our families. We have to forgive….it is not right to be married, get divorced and marry people. Adventists must go more than the extra mile to save our marriages”.

The President further spoke to district adjustments for at least two of the largest districts in the Conference, Alexandria and Duncans, which is intended to be effective by 2017. Workdays for the Conference campsite in Duncans were also highlighted and members asked to support as follows:

September 25 (Trelawny)

October 26 (St. Ann)

November 20 (Trelawny)

December 11 (St. Ann)

“On behalf of the administration”, the President ended, “we want to acknowledge the support  to ministry given by the Elders” of the various churches who continue to give committed and dedicated service in the various areas of the field.

The Annual Consistency Meeting is the second such meeting in the field, with the first occurring last year.