Posted on Sep 19 2016


Pastors Wilton McKoy, Levi Johnson, Karl Archer, Kenneth Henry and Aldon Fuller listening as Pastor Billy Watson speaks

Joy radiated the faces of hundreds of Seventh-day Adventists on Sabbath September 11, 2016 as the North Jamaica Conference, in partnership with the Central Jamaica Conference, unveiled a major turn in the historical life of a dying church situated between the two main geographical terrains. Aenon Town, situated in the middle of St. Ann and Clarendon has, over the years, seen a decline in membership, overall growth and church building appeal - but that is about to change.

In the words of Pastor Levi Johnson, Guest Speaker at the function “gone are the days when the Seventh-day Adventist Church will be ashamed of the structural edifice representing our name and our God….our churches must look better than our homes”. This is the shared philosophy and dream of the NJC President, Pastor Karl Archer, who stated the North’s “unwavering commitment to the development of the church in Aenon Town”.

In the new partnership, a number of strategic goals have been set, including:

    • the redesign, rebuilding and refurbishing of the church structure (which has begun and is continuing); 
    • the reconfiguration of the Church as a member of the Central Jamaica Conference; 
    • the reorganisation of the Spauldings District, in which it now has direct pastoral care;
    • the injection of over $ 2 million combined by the North and Central Jamaica Conferences;
    • the reassignment of pastoral administrative responsibilities; and 
    • the review of current arrangements over the next six months so as to ascertain the best way forward in light of set targets, shared goals and proven outcomes over the period.

A section of the congregation gathered to commemorate the new day 

As almost a living symbol of the new focus and continuing strides towards this end, over 100 individuals gathered under the newly built inner structure now decked, as also under tent outside to witness the handing over ceremony from the North Jamaica to the Central Jamaica Conference. Elders, past and present and Conference administrators and directors, together with laity and community members participated in the lively but short service symbolising the new direction.

As a part of the new thrust towards growth and development, the Spauldings district will continue to have Senior Pastor, Wilton McKoy serving in that capacity for the entire area. However, there will be a division of the district into two, allowing Pastor Dodd to Pastor 5 Churches, while Pastor McKoy pastors 4 - effectively dividing towards the goal of multiplication, growth and development. 

A glimpse into the newly decked yet imcomplete building

Under the new arrangement, both Conferences will continue to work towards the completion of the building, each pastor will have targets to work towards and the Central Jamaica Conference will effectively carry the care of the Church into its new era of transformation.