Posted on Sep 11 2016


Singles from across the parishes of St. Ann and Trelawny were challenged to use the years of their singleness to invest in themselves, their gifts and character development rather than giving attention to finding “Mr” and “Mrs. Right”.

Pastor Lloyd Allen, Singles Convention Speaker

The charge came from Pastor Lloyd Allen, Guest Speaker at the North Jamaica Conference’s Single Convention held at the Falmouth Church over the weekend. “If you have baggage, junk in your trunk, issues that are yet unresolved…it is ungodly to be looking for someone to fix you. Take yourself off the market until you have fixed you. If you are unhappy and you get married, you will be a liability” said the Hanover-born now Florida-based Pastor. Failure to address one’s personal growth and development was likened to “a good egg and a bad egg” producing an “awful omelet”.

He challenged the packed congregation to go “God-hunting” before “man/woman-hunting”, as “if you are a child of God and he is a child of the devil, you are going to have problem with your father-in-law”.

Pastor Allen receives a plaque of appeciation from Sis. Opal Reid 

As he spoke about singleness as privilege, he reminded the congregants that “God made Adam a priest before He blessed him with a wife” and that “for God to have brought Eve to Adam, Eve must first been in God’s hands”. “Your first duty”, he maintained, “is to be in God’s hands….build up yourselves. Seek God with all your heart and search for Him with all your soul and at the right time the Lord will make it all right”.

The message, focused on Matthew 19:3-9, came after the former NJC Executive Secretary, Pastor Garth Geddes’ presentation on “Singleness Is Not A Sin” and was the precursor to an afternoon of presentations. Pastor Jason Edwards and his wife, Monique Edwards (Attorney-At-Law) focused on the topic “We Used To Be Single Too” as special Guest, Pastor Lloyd Allen presented on “Single and Satisfied”.

The Convention, held under the theme “Single and Transformed” also saw the presentation of the NJC Singles Association’s Executive Body, with Pastor Orane Wint serving as its first President and medical practitioner, Dr. Bartley as its Vice-President. 

Two of the guests at the Evening of Elegance pose for the camera

The day ended with an evening of elegance at the “Glistening Waters” in Falmouth, where Pastor Jermaine Johnson, Keynote Speaker together with Pastor Trevor Reid, Master of Ceremonies for the evening, united in keeping the beautifully attired guests in good mood and healthy social outcomes.

The Singles Convention was organised by the Family Life Ministries Department headed by Pastor Omri Davis and is the second such held event since the conception of the parishes into the NJC field.