Posted on Sep 05 2016


How NJC Schools are Performing - Part 1

The St. Ann's Bay High School 2016 Graduates with Principal, Mrs. Rachel Pyne; Senior Teacher, Mrs. Verona Bushay and Education Director, Elder Paulette Ambursley (left to right)

It is the month of August, when students from across the entire Caribbean, await the results of student performance in the Caribbean Examination Council’s  CSEC subject areas. It is a moment filled with high emotions and Mrs. Rachel Pyne, the Principal of the St. Ann’s High and Preparatory School, anxiously awaits her results. 

“Based on the preparations of the teachers”, says the Principal, “coupled with the quality performance of the students in the screen tests given, I was confident they would have given their best which would result in a good performance...and those expectations were met”. 


The school boasted a stellar performance in a number of key subject areas, which saw 100% passes in the following:

Agriculture Science - 100 %

Caribbean History - 100%

Food & Nutrition - 100 %

Home Management - 100 %

English Literature - 100 %

Office Administration - 100 %

Principles of Business - 100 %

Further, the High School had high performance rates in the following areas:

English A - 88.8%

Principles of Accounts - 80%

Social Studies - 75%

Integrated Science - 76.9%

Information Technology - 71

Maths - 60%

Chemistry- 80 %

“One of the things I am particularly pleased about” says the Principal, “is the Mathematics passes, in light of the fact that the national average has been lowered and yet our students were able to surpass the average, with a number of students taking the subject from Grade 10 - some with Range One and Range Two results. This speaks to the quality of academic nurture, preparation and teaching that is existent at our school, through the efforts of Mrs. Brown-Campbell who has over 30 years in teaching”.

“English Language”, she continued, “has improved significantly when compared with both the national average and the performance over the years, resulting in a 88.8% pass rate. As one of the core areas in which student competency is measured, this speaks volumes to the quality of input being offered by our institution, by Ms. Curline Gordon and Ms. Samantha Samuels in particular”.

The life-long educator turned Principal further went on to indicate that “as a result of the sterling performance in Mathematics and English Language specifically, a number of the senior students have successfully matriculated directly into tertiary institutions, the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) being the preferred choice”. 

English Literature, was one of the subjects with low performance, but this tide has changed with an increase to 100%. Commendations are extended to Ms. Curline Gordon and Ms. Samantha Samuels, both teachers who worked closely with the students and had new strategies to improve the outcome.


This follows on the successful performance of the GSAT students, with the majority being placed at the Westwood High School, St. Hilda’s and York Castle High Schools - among the top 10 schools within the parish of St. Ann. 

016 Top Boy, Dominique Turnbull

The boy with the highest average, Dominique Turnbull, a member of the Ocho Rios Seventh-day Adventist Church, scored 91.6 and Kerona McIntosh, a member of the Bamboo Seventh-day Adventist Church, scored 91.2 to become the girl with the highest average. All students scored grades above and beyond the national average, with the lowest score being 63. 

2016 Top Girl, Kerona McIntosh


Education Director, Elder Paulette Ambursely commended the entire team of educators on the significant strides made, the quality of academics offered and the exceptional performance in both the High and Preparatory Schools. “The facts show that we are among the best and our average being above the national average in all subject areas speak to the quality of our academic offering. We commend the teachers for hosting the  week of camps for the CSEC Subjects, so as to enable the students to be sufficiently prepared. This is very important in light of their use of family time, public holidays and weekends to assist the students to achieve the great results. We commend and salute the teachers, for their interests and support”.

Field leader, Pastor Karl Archer, implored staff members to continue in the direction in which they have been going and appealed to all to support Seventh-day Adventist Christian Education. “On behalf of the Conference, we would like to commend the Principal and teachers on their committed, sacrificial efforts which have led to the results above the national average. Sending your children to St. Ann’s Bay High significantly improves their preparations for external examinations. We thank God, for the holistic approach to develop these students academically and spiritually”.