Posted on Apr 18 2016


The North Jamaica Conference now has an assembling of new converts in the inner regions of Wakefield, emerging from a campaign conducted by Conference President, Pastor Karl Archer which saw over 40 persons committing their lives to Christ.

The four week tent campaign, entitled “Jesus Is The Answer“ Evangelistic Series, was held on the Wakefield Playfield located in the Reid’s Friendship Pastoral District in Trelawny, currently pastored by Pastor Obrian St. Patrick Hawthorne (formerly Forbes).

Speaking of the evangelistic effort, Pastor Archer said: “This was a very challenging series. From the very beginning it was evident that Satan was making a special effort to thwart it's success. However,  the workers  interpreted the special challenges  to mean that God was going to do miraculous things for the salvation of souls - and He did. At one stage we had to just step back and let God. To Him be the glory”. Children, youth and elderly were all a part of the group baptized over the short time.

On Sabbath April 9, 2016, representative members from each of the three churches in the district came together at the Wakefield Primary School where the first post-campaign worship experience was held. It was a high day of celebration, fellowship and care for the new believers in a new found home, which will temporarily host the new converts until a permanent structure can be erected.

“The aim”, Pastor Hawthorne mentioned, “ is to start a new congregation in the area and extend the Adventist presence across the district”. He personally commended the efforts of the members who displayed commitment and dedication in advancing this long-awaited dream. Pastor Archer highlighted that “Wakefield is a large, populated community that needs a congregation for itself. It's central location is a testimony of the great potential for a new church there”. 

The effort towards church building is greatly supported by the Jamaica Union Conference’s financial contribution towards church planting, from which North Jamaica has benefited this year. The Conference President, in expressing gratitude to the Union, also commended the host pastor, his team and the newly appointed Elder with responsibility for Wakefield, Carol Stewart for their “vision, determination and commitment to the great mission of God's church - the salvation of souls”.